If your partitions are serviced regularly there should be little need for any extensive repairs.  However unfortunately even regular servicing cannot stop time from taking it's toll and some repairs may occasionally need to be undertaken.





ProblemRepair required
Panels hitting floor/ceilingPartition needs relevelling
Seals not workingGearbox needs replacing/repairing or seals need replacing
Panels not moving easilyTrack needs greasing or trolley(s) need replacing


Most of these repairs can be done fairly quickly and we work within your schedule as much as possible and can carry out repair work during the weekend if necessary.




If your partition is looking a little bit worn or no longer fits in with your colour scheme but you don't want to get costly new partitions we can change the colour scheme by simply installing new fascia panels in a colour that suits you.





We can get most colours within the RAL range and can usually install the new fascias within a few weeks.






If your needs have changed since the partition was installed we can relocate the partitions to a different area or even take them down and safetly store them on your premises until you have need of them again.